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The Lord of The Rings: Aeglos - Spear of Gil-Galad

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Immerse yourself in the epic world of Middle-earth with the "Aeglos - Spear of Gil-galad" from the Lord of the Rings collection by United Cutlery. This majestic spear is a precise replica of the legendary weapon wielded by Gil-galad, one of the mightiest Elven kings in the Tolkien universe.


Impressive Overall Length: With an imposing overall length of 8 1/2 feet (approximately 259 cm), the Aeglos Spear embodies the size and majesty of the original artifact from J.R.R. Tolkien's tales.

Sturdy Materials: The cold-cast steel blade not only adds authenticity to the spear but also ensures durability. The wooden shaft provides a balanced weight distribution and realistic handling.

Artful Blade Design: The intricately designed blade reflects the elegance and Elvish style for which Gil-galad is renowned. Every detail is executed with the utmost precision to preserve authenticity.

Includes Wall Display: The Aeglos Spear comes with a cold-cast steel wall display, serving not only as a practical storage solution but also as an impressive decorative piece.

Perfect for Collectors and Fans: Whether as an impressive collector's item or the centerpiece of a Lord of the Rings collection, the Aeglos Spear by United Cutlery captivates fans and collectors alike. Immerse yourself in the world of Gil-galad and add a unique touch to this masterpiece.

Get the Aeglos Spear and bring a piece of the epic battles and legends of Middle-earth into your collection.

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